Loose for love

We want what we already have in excess,

We all want things we already possess;

And so we drown in the sorrows of light,

Etching onto our souls schemes of a fight.


There’s nothing to need, nothing to gain

just the seductive greed provoking us pain;

Solely piano keys played over our worlds

Infinite possibilities of character moulds….


With whispers we cover freedom with lust

Fostering an essence that deadens our trust;

Hiding the truth: vices painting contempt

ignorance oppressing joy’s futile attempt

To remind that love lies in the sincere….

That life has gifted us without any frontier…


That we are free to breathe fire

Free to live or just to aspire;

Free to love without cautions or guides,

Free to be the one who abides or decides.









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Roxana Zaharia

Roxana Zaharia

Roxana is an ardent advocator of positive thinking and letting go. She is a freelance management consultant and divides her time between consulting and journalism. She is a creative individual who majored in fashion design, holds a BA in Journalism & is a licensed flight attendant & authorised mediator. She believes in people, affection and random kindness. She doesn't believe in limitations. When asked what she indulges in, she answered: "A lot of love and a glass of great wine."

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