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Concrete Jungle -Andrea Calascione 3

Andrea Calascione, I am a 20 year old Maltese artist based in Spain. I have lived in Malta my whole life and moved to Barcelona 2 years back to begin my artistic journey.

I decided to do art at A level a few years back in Malta and slowly started to take a liking to the subject and began to take it quite seriously. Before I knew it I was on a one way flight to Barcelona to pursue this new-found passion and submit myself in a short course to learn more about the art world and it’s many possibilities. I was only meant to stay for 3 months, 2 years later I am still there and still learning so much, having met the most talented and interesting characters along the way.

There are many artists in today’s contemporary art world that I am totally inspired by but my main inspirations are Andy Goldsworthy’s installations and Gerhard Richter’s beautiful paintings.

Movement - Andrea Calascione 2

Mainly Inspired by the human condition and our connection to our environment.

At the moment I am enjoying playing around with conceptual art, although I always like to add a little bit of traditional art techniques in the mix, I love painting and i love drawing. I work around my concept and figure out different ways and techniques to bring out that concept in the best way.

If I had to choose my favourite artwork it would be my “movement” piece. It was done at a very significant turning point in my life and means a lot to me.

My first exhibition was held at Estudio Nomada in Barcelona on the 19th of December 2013, where I sold my first painting.

At the moment I am working on the idea of having an exhibition in Malta before I head off to Spain again in September, I am currently brainstorming some ideas and coming up with some sketches to be able to start a new collection to exhibit.

Elements - Andrea Calascione

I have only been painting for 4 years now, it’s still very new to me but I am so passionate and determined to keep learning more and to keep practicing. I am definitely a morning person, my eyes are wide open quite early and i’m ready to start my day with full energy, come the evening I am so ready for a movie and an early night!

Wine and cheese? Definitely. Couldn’t think of a better combination!

If I was given a million euro I would give a lot of it to a charity of my choice and save the rest to travel and open a Creative School for children.

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Monique Chambers

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