Bowman or showman?

kyodoKYUDO is Japanese bowmanship. It is one of the traditional BUDO (martial) arts developed from the military skills of the old times Japanese warrior, SAMURAI. Kyudo has the same speciality that lies in all the true martial arts. The development of the “self”. By training seriously, according to the standards set by the old masters, shooting a large number of arrows per day for some decades one will reach understanding of his true self.

It is with the history of kyudo as it is with the bowmanship in general. The origin is so old that there is no record of when and how the bow was invented. Many old Japanese bows are found, the oldest dating back to about 6000 BC. The form of the composite bow that is preserved until our days was developed during the Heian Period around the eleventh century. The bow was at that time used for hunting and as a main weapon of the Japanese warrior.

The bow was mainly used on horseback so even the code for the warrior was called KYUBA NO MICHI, the Way of the Bow and Horse. Practice at that time was of course targeted mainly on the technical part of the shooting, KYUJUTSU. The Zen Budhism, witch was adopted by the military class, BUSHI, influenced on later decades to all martial arts and brought in them the spiritual concept of DO, the Way. Concept of KYUDO was first introduced by a master of archery, Morikawa Kosan in 1660.



  • Age: 15+ years

Lessons are held every:

  • Saturday – 16.00hrs till 18.00hrs
  • Training location: Mosta
  • Price: €25.00 every month
+356 7788 4824

Monique Chambers

Monique Chambers

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