Is a trip to Comino worth it?

Comino, the beautiful uninhabited island, is well know for the Blue Lagoon and is a short boat trip away! The Blue Lagoon is a must-visit under all the beaches that Malta has to offer. What does make the Blue Lagoon so special is, that it is literally as blue as the sky, with crystal clear water and rocks, as well as some sandy areas, to swim and relax.

But Comino does offer a lot more than just one outstanding beach, so you should put on some comfortable shoes and explore the small island by foot. You will see various plants, insects and animals, that are dominating the island, as well as some small abandoned structures that are spread all around the island.


If you keep wandering around you will find another nice beach: the Santa Maria Bay as well as the only proper inhabited building: a hotel next to it. You can use the beach for free, just like the Blue Lagoon!

If you plan to spend a night under the sky, you will find a nice camping-spot just behind the Santa Maria Bay. The camp-side is for free as well as the restrooms and showers! Another plus to put a trip to Comino on your to-do list.


The best way to get to Comino is to take the public-transport to the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal. You will be able to get a ride on a small ferry-boat to Comino for 10€ with return. The ferry’s do offer a short stop at the Crystal Lagoon on their return, so you will have to opportunity to take some great pictures from the boat.

The best time to visit Comino is in May, June, July and the end of September and October. It won’t be too overcrowded by then and it will be warm enough to do all the different activates we have just listed above.


Kilian Duewer

Kilian is an open-minded person who loves the warmth of the summer and the sun. But unfortunately, as a German student at the City University of Bremen, you won’t get a lot of it. So, he took the chance to complete a study abroad in Malta and one year later an internship! His passion is creative work and that contains making films, photography and of course writing articles. His passion for creativity is reflecting in the types of drinks he likes - Cocktails and Gin. One of his indulgence is professional DJ’ing in Germany and of course Malta.