The Earth Garden Festival 2018 starts soon!

The Earth Garden Festival 2018 starts soon!

The festival-season is just around the corner and another highlight of the year will be the Earth Garden Festival 2018 –  an annual outdoor non-mainstream music festival that takes place at the National Park in Ta’ Qali. The festival will start on the May 31, 2018 until June 03, 2018. The event is also part of the cultural program of Malta’s European Capital of Culture year.

Music lover’s ears will definitely be satisfied. You will have the chance to dance, make new friends and celebrate on five different music areas and as well on the camping side, the ethic market, food court and the fun park!


Different artists from Malta, the UK, France and many more will perform on different stages like the Electronic Sphere Stage with Regis (UK), Etnica (IT) and more, the Enchanted Forest Stage with Members Of Tribali, Yabadub and more, the Roots Stage, with Gentleman’s Dub Club (UK), K.O.G & The Zongo Bridage (UK & Africa) and more, the Strawberry Hill Stage, with Silicon Scally (FR), Byron The Aqarius (US) and more!

Feel free to check out their Facebook-Page to find more information.

Kilian Duewer

Kilian is an open-minded person who loves the warmth of the summer and the sun. But unfortunately, as a German student at the City University of Bremen, you won’t get a lot of it. So, he took the chance to complete a study abroad in Malta and one year later an internship! His passion is creative work and that contains making films, photography and of course writing articles. His passion for creativity is reflecting in the types of drinks he likes - Cocktails and Gin. One of his indulgence is professional DJ’ing in Germany and of course Malta.

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