Fashion Jewels that Shout out Loud

Our jewellery blogger Marika Azzopardi talks about 2019/2020 jewellery fashion … fashion that is going to Shout out Loud!

Whilst Tiffany & Co has just launched its first-ever jewellery range for men, a modest collection soon to be available in all of its 300 shops around the globe, the fashion trends for women’s jewellery seem to be becoming more audacious all round. If ever there was an era when jewellery was this big, this important, and this necessary for one’s wardrobe, it was the 19th Century, which saw women dressing up both wrists, wearing pins and brooches, earrings… the lot, all at once.

Big Bling is Back!

Indeed, 2019/2020 announces that big bling is back with a bang and designers, even fine jewellery designers who usually dedicate their attention uniquely to platinum and precious stones, are stepping out of their comfort zone and daring it all.

Necklines will be showing off statement necklaces, chunky chokers and ‘must-look-at’ neckpieces that will rev up the plainest of winter woollies. Layering varied smaller chains and necklaces is also encouraged, moving the layered bracelet trend which has been hip for some time now, right up around the neck.

Ear Armour is in…

If neckpieces are not your thing, stick to long, super long earrings instead. Whether you go for the bulky stuff or the long nymph-like earring, the onus is on length. Some fashion houses have proposed earrings that reach down to the breasts, worn pretty much like extra-long sideburns. And if you have multiple piercings on your ears, dress them up in the best metal-ware you can find. Ear armour is in and the 1980s punk fashion ears seem pretty mild in comparison. If you sport short

Similarly to clothes which were all the rage in the 1980s, the catwalks have regurgitated the earring trend of wearing mismatched earrings, which ladies who discoed their way through that decade remember well. It is definitely a handy solution for those of you who have a collection of orphaned earrings miserably serving time in a dusty box somewhere.

The Bigger the Better

Where arms are concerned, forget the demure dainty tennis bracelet. This is the year for wearing huge clunky bangles, carried right over your long sleeves. The bigger the better, and stacking is strongly favoured unless you wear one bangle as large as a stack. Again, the Victorian trend of wearing bangles on both wrists is ‘en vogue’, so go ahead and experiment.

And then there are the pins and brooches. If you have never worn or owned any, this year you must. The larger the better, worn singularly for effect. If you prefer smaller pins, wear many in a group like a medal collection teamed up on the lapel of your coats and jackets. To wear on delicate fabrics, you need one cotton diskette per brooch, held at the back of the fabric behind the brooch and pinned together. This keeps the brooch stable and steady, without tearing clothes.

Shout out Loud!

This coming autumn/winter is about fun, playful, and dynamically varied jewels. Enjoy the thrill of mixing and matching with your outfits to bring on the bling!

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Marika Azzopardi
Marika Azzopardi

Having worked in the beauty business and fine-tuned my senses to the art of making people beautiful, I turned to writing and have been a freelance writer for the past 20+ years. This included the experience of being a newsroom journalist, writing short stories for children and adults plus blogging. In the meantime, I found time to become an art historian and specialise in vintage and antique jewellery most especially 19th Century Maltese Filigree jewellery. This led me to also research vintage fashion wear and discover just how art, fashion and jewellery are closely linked. Because jewellery is portable, wearable art. Because clothing is an extension of art. Because art is about being surrounded by beautiful things.