Free crafts sessions for your kids aged between 8- 12 years!

Free crafts sessions for your kids aged between 8- 12 years!

If you want your kids to work creative, the Little Bookmakers – Free Crafts Sessions events, hosted by Kopin Malta and Studio Solipsis, are the perfect contact point.

During eight sessions, that will run for 2 hours, between 11:00 – 13:00, at Studio Solipsis, 73, Triq il-Kbira, Rabat, your children will work together with professional artists and as well Kopin’s volunteers, who will assist the event.

All kids will learn and explore different paper crafts techniques like papier-mâché, decoration, bookbinding and more!

All sessions take place between April and June.

Saturday 14th April
Saturday 21st April
Saturday 28th April
Saturday 19th May
Saturday 26th May
Saturday 2nd June
Saturday 9th June
Saturday 16th June

But hurry up! The deadline for the pre-registration is on the April 6, 2018. But the best comes for last! All the courses are free of charge for registered participants. Only a deposit of 30€ is required, to confirm your child’s registration.

Check out their Facebook-Event to find more information!

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