Cast a statue as high as your soul

Let them lead you, let them control;

Idols so big that they reach the sky

And break it apart without even a try

Pouring through cracks out of a life,

life built on terrors, hard work and strife

Denied dignity and fervour in part

Confused notions they think come from heart;

And nothing’s as cold as the ice

The ice blinding thoughts that are wise

Idols are cast inside our minds

egos ahoy, expectation that binds

So cast a statue as high as your soul

Let it lead you, let it control

Let it be there, just to tear it apart

Just to break it to pieces and make a fresh start

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Roxana Zaharia
Roxana Zaharia

Roxana is an ardent advocator of positive thinking and letting go. She is a freelance management consultant and divides her time between consulting and journalism. She is a creative individual who majored in fashion design, holds a BA in Journalism & is a licensed flight attendant & authorised mediator. She believes in people, affection and random kindness. She doesn't believe in limitations. When asked what she indulges in, she answered: "A lot of love and a glass of great wine."