Melt before summer, thank you cardio!

Do you want to melt before summer, remove those extra pounds gained during winter? Don’t panic, there are solutions. This article will be mainly aimed at beginners since we will only talk about cardio! Indeed it can be very effective when your body is not used to this type of effort. 

Why? When you start cardio, you burn calories both during your cardio session and during recovery after training. Your body therefore ends up increasing its ability to burn fat and switch between using carbohydrate or fat as energy. In a nutshell: sugars are now stored in muscle and no in fat. A little tip to know how many calories you have burned in running: number of calories (approximation) = your weight in kg x the distance in km. 

Try this as your standard training programme (to be adjusted according to physical abilities and needs) 

Session duration : 1 hour

Material : water, a sports outfit and running shoes 

  • It’s important to always start by warming up, so we start with 20 minutes of running at medium speed or you can use an elliptical bike or training bike.
  • Once warmed up, we continue with 20 minutes of running, elliptical bike or bike training. Your choice should just be different than the warm-up. You have to try to be at 70% of these capacities but the important thing is to keep the same pace until the end. 
  • So now, interval training! For 10 minutes, you perform 10 repetitions of 30 seconds of the same choice that you did for the previous part at an intense pace separated by 30 seconds of recovery by walking. I know that this is really the hardest part but it is also the part that burns many calories so keep motivation and mental! 
  • Last part which is very important : recovery. Try to use something different from the other parts. If you can’t, use the same as the warm-up. And we go for 10 minutes at average speed. 

If you don’t have a bike within reach, don’t panic, there are solutions. You can for example go back to Sliema at Qui-Si-Sana, there is a small park in front of the sea with some machines. 

The best way is to do this training at least once a week, accompanied by a healthy diet and weight training. But how to do weight training? See you next week to find out ! 

Manon Marais
Manon Marais

Manon is a young 21 French girl brimming with imagination and energy. She has two passions : sport and graphic design. Indeed, she practices handball since a very young age in the national French team and to relax afterwards, she takes her pencils and paper and escapes to another world.