Social Perfectionism…

heartache rooting in expectation,

while reality should fill us with elation;

Things hurting more in our mind

feels like the blind’s leading the blind…

the truth doesn’t even graze our skin;

so I gather the secret is we must like to sin.

We must love projecting our souls into the world

Even though sometimes we project oh so cold

we must love our storms to carefully dawn

onto a dissonance that becomes counted upon;

all heartache roots in expectation

When the world should bring us elation

And it’s the same things that trigger the mad

the same damn things that make us feel glad…

grace shouldn’t be the obligation

when we’re gifted with powers of creation;

so, all heartache roots in expectation

when reality should bring us elation.

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Roxana Zaharia
Roxana Zaharia

Roxana is an ardent advocator of positive thinking and letting go. She is a freelance management consultant and divides her time between consulting and journalism. She is a creative individual who majored in fashion design, holds a BA in Journalism & is a licensed flight attendant & authorised mediator. She believes in people, affection and random kindness. She doesn't believe in limitations. When asked what she indulges in, she answered: "A lot of love and a glass of great wine."