The bi-positive open relationship

Bi. Bi-sexual. Bi. Bi-polar. Bi. Neither one way or the other. Bi. The encouragement of opportunity. Bi. The allowing stance of societal and cultural standards but the understanding that there can be so much more. Bi. The freedom to choose individual standards and beliefs. The freedom to purpose, happiness and choice.

There’s a connection that we often miss. There is so much more in all of us, it is such a pity we’re too busy covering our shine up with our egos. It’s a pity we don’t walk our own paths but stride in shyness alongside others’.

Everyone can move mountains. Everyone can conjure magic. And there’s no standard to it. Success is self measured. If we’d all understand this, we’d connect better. If we knew the difference between needs and wants, we’d see each other better. If we let go of SHOULD we’d hear each other instead of interpret.

There are no rules. There are no standards. There are no limits.

Opportunity is. Love is. Being is. And on that trail of thought,if I could ever give any advice to what has helped throughout my journey:

Reach out to others. Do it often.

Find what is important to you.

Go with your soul.

Judge nothing.

Trust your gut.

Believe in yourself.

Ask questions often.

Allow people to see you.

Take nothing personal.

Do your best.

Don’t compete, even with yourself.

Live now.

Understand that limits are always self-imposed.

Understand everything in your life is a choice you already made.

Choose to be happy.

Thank people often.

Be grateful.


Give yourself a break.

Let go of expectations. Anything you can’t control, you should let go of. 


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