The one that got away

Do you wish my heart would stop?

Do you wish my world would drop?

Did you think my life would end?

Did you think I would pretend?

Are you mad because you’re hurt?

Or you just miss all my support?

Did you wish I’d disappear?

Lose my focus or my steer?

Did you wish I’d end with you?

Well, the opposite is true.

Must be scary to watch me grow

Into someone you don’t know…

Must be painful to desire

A woman you can’t acquire…

You can toss and turn all night,

Threaten me with all your might

Peace has never left my heart

Never faltered, not a part,

Must just hurt to wonder why

you wanted me yet didn’t try,

Must be restless in your sleep;

wishing I was one you’d keep;

Yet I’m not, so wonder not…

You had a chance and missed your shot.

Roxana Zaharia
Roxana Zaharia

Roxana is an ardent advocator of positive thinking and letting go. She is a freelance management consultant and divides her time between consulting and journalism. She is a creative individual who majored in fashion design, holds a BA in Journalism & is a licensed flight attendant & authorised mediator. She believes in people, affection and random kindness. She doesn't believe in limitations. When asked what she indulges in, she answered: "A lot of love and a glass of great wine."