The Valletta Film Festival 2018

The Valletta Film Festival 2018

The Valletta Film Festival 2018, part of the Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture program, will feature various films from various categories and the best productions will be awarded. The featured categories consist out of the following official competitions: featured films, documentaries and short films.

The festival exhibits seven movies in in the category feature films. The awards that will be handed to the creators are Best Feature Film Best Director, Best Performance, Best Cinematographer and Best Screenplay. The awards in the category documentaries will be Best Documentary and Best Cinematographer Award.

Another official competition will be in the category short films. Up to 24 short films be presented to the public and have the chance to win the Best Short Film award of the fourth edition of the Valletta Film Festival.

Other shown creations will be from the categories Special Screening, a category where productions will be shown that give an insight into social, political and economic issues. The Islanders category where films will be shown, created by people for a resident of Malta and the Without Borders category, that will focus on cinema from Northeast Asia.

Another category will be the Teens Only. This subject is aimed at people who are aged between 14- and 19 years who are producing films.

The event will start at June 08, 2018 and end at the June 17, 2018.

To find more information, check out the Valletta Film Festival Facebook-Page.

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