Turn a maxi dress into a puffball dress tutorial

Maximise the life of last year’s maxi dress and create this season’s puffball!

Watch the video and keep these instructions to hand for quick reference.
Also works best on a dress which has an underskirt.


  1. Pin the hem of the outer shell to the edge of the underskirt / lining.
  2. Distribute length evenly along the full circumference of the skirt.
  3. Using a straight stitch and gather the fabric with your fingertips that is between pins.
  4. Remove pins



And voila! You now have a wearable item of unique clothing!

With thanks to JP Gatt for filming, Carol’Ann Houdart for editing, Monique Chambers for being a lovely model and Shannon Grech for sharing her skill

Carol'Ann Houdart

Carol'Ann Houdart is a French student who is passionate about traveling. Carol will share her Malta student lifestyle advice with her curious, dynamic and creative nature. She'll scour Malta in search of the best places, activities and advice for the future students coming and bringing the French touch, as well as working on film reviews and editing indulge videos. Her dream is to work in the film industry.