What gym to choose for your summer body in Malta

The preparation of your summer body is now! Put all the chances on your side to achieve your goal by discovering the sports halls around you. You can then have at your disposal all the machines and equipment necessary for cardio and weight training. In addition, you will be able to participate in lessons by professionals. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you! 


Cynergi is a complete and very modern gym thanks to its equipment from the world leaders in cardio and weight training. Various courses will be offered – the schedule is a bit confusing because he mixes courses and squash. You can find the schedule right here.

Why Cynergi? Maybe because it offers you things you’ve never seen before, like squash courts that you can book or for its pool that allows you to relax after a session or to continue your training with aquagym classes. To finish a sauna, a treatment or a steam bath can do you the greatest good !

Price : The gym offers many different offers with various prices, you can here – address : St Augustine Street at St Julians – website : https://www.cynergi.com.mt/ – phone : +35623710700 


27/7 Fitness Club is a fairly well equipped gym with the equipment you need. You can find many courses but practically only at the end of the day. The gym offers you the possibility (with an extra charge) to get a coach or a nutritionist. 

Why 27/7 Fitness Club? Perhaps because this hall offers you many possibilities thanks to its location in five different cities. You can then, possibly, go to the gym during your lunch break next to work or when you go home near you! 

Price : This gym offers you subscriptions for several periods of time, but if you are determined, the most interesting is the one-year subscription, which is the cheapest. Click here – address : You can see all the addresses at the bottom of the home page – website :  http://fitnessclub247.com – phone : +35621437023


Crossfitmartel is very different from the gyms you may know. Indeed, it is a different training each time mixing weight training, weightlifting and gymnastic movement where the work is very intense and the recovery times are quite short. Of course the calorie meter is burning but it is important to be careful and to be well supervised in order to avoid potential injury. 

Why Crossfitmartel ? Maybe because CrossFit improves performance in ten areas: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. This type of training has been very widespread in recent years. It also offers you the opportunity to surpass yourself but you have to keep a certain rhythm if you want it to be really effective. 

Price : You do not need a subscription if you do not want to, as you can take one course at a time, for a period of time or a number of courses. All information is available on the home page – address : 42, Triq Moroni, Sliema – website : https://www.crossfitmartell.com/  – phone : +35699117878 

Manon Marais
Manon Marais

Manon is a young 21 French girl brimming with imagination and energy. She has two passions : sport and graphic design. Indeed, she practices handball since a very young age in the national French team and to relax afterwards, she takes her pencils and paper and escapes to another world.